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3 Little-Known Ways to Save Money in June 2024

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What could an extra $200 or $300 do for you this month? Could it give you more breathing room in your budget for paying bills? Could it help you chip away at a nagging credit card balance?

The reality is that saving money isn’t easy, especially at a time when living costs are so much higher than they were a few years ago. But if you approach some of your June plans strategically, you might manage to bank some extra cash by the end of the month. Here are some less-obvious ways to boost your savings.

1. Have a low-key Father’s Day

Dads do a lot, so they deserve an awesome day that’s dedicated to them. But that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with your spending.

Consumers shopping for Father’s Day plan to spend an average of $189.81 on gifts and celebrations, according to the National Retail Federation. That’s a lot of money to plunk down if your finances aren’t all that stable.

So instead of going all out on Father’s Day, go low key. Invite your dad over for a barbecue, or pack a nice lunch and join him at the beach, park, or whatever spot he loves. You might even indulge your dad with a screening of his favorite movie.

2. Give your grad a fun experience instead of a costly gift and party

In some parts of the country, high school will be wrapping up in the coming days. You may be tempted to buy your graduate a nice last-minute gift. But instead of doing that, consider planning an experience you can enjoy as a family.

That could mean taking a day trip to a nearby city they want to explore. Or it could mean granting them a day of indulgence in their favorite things — perhaps pizza, video games, and unlimited snacks.

Along these lines, instead of planning an expensive party or dinner at a restaurant for extended family, limit the celebration to your immediate family if money is tight. Or allow your grad to invite a few close friends over to your home for a night of takeout and games.

3. Seek out free family activities

In some parts of the U.S., school is still in session. But in other parts, school’s been out for weeks and kids are getting restless. Before you rack up a large credit card balance by springing for theme park tickets and outings to the bowling alley or arcade to occupy your kids, explore your options for free entertainment in town.

You may have access to free beaches where you live. And if there’s a pool club, it may offer a free day pass for families interested in joining.

You can also see if your local library is offering any free programming over the summer. You may even find an event you can drop your kids off at for 90 minutes or so, thereby giving yourself a break.

Finally, see if there are any free festivals happening in your town. You may come across options ranging from outdoor concerts to guided nature walks at nearby state parks.

It’s not easy to save extra money these days. But if you take a laid-back approach to Father’s Day, resist the urge to overindulge your high school grad, and find free entertainment for your kids, you can set yourself up to add to your savings account this month rather than dip into it.

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