Alex Baron 

Back in 2012, CEO and Founder Alex Baron was doing business development for a company that generated leads for financial advisors. He witnessed first hand how financial advisors waste time and money working with unscrupulous companies that promise the moon but never deliver.

It was also apparent to him that consumers were lacking trust in the financial services industry. The decision to choose a financial advisor requires courage and trust: courage in oneself and trust that the advisor has their best interests at heart.

Consumers want to be sincerely engaged with their advisor. They want to understand if the advisor’s goals and values align with their own.

Money is personal. Shouldn’t the process of finding the person in charge of preserving and growing your wealth also be personal?

With this question as the catalyst, Alex decided to leverage his background in both tech and finance to come up with a solution that equally benefits the consumer and the advisor.

Retirely was born. It was created with the mission to match consumers with the right financial advisor in a more personal way.


We are the premiere hub for financial advisors who want to get their content in front of an interested audience. 
We have curated our news site to feature interesting articles written by advisors about personal finance, retirement, and other investing topics. Advisors with the best content will generate a following and be able to consistently engage with consumers because all relevant contact information will be at the bottom of each article. This will encourage people to reach to out and start relationships.

Download our App and search for financial advisors in your area.
The search for financial advisors is literally at your fingertips. Our APP is free for consumers. It allows you to browse the best advisors in your area by location. Think of it as a matchmaking platform for financial advisors. Read their bios and swipe until a profile catches your eye. Message them through our secured chat and introduce yourself!

You might be asking do I really need a Financial Advisor?
We believe the answer is YES! No matter where you are in life, in order to fully reach your financial potential, it is important to hire an advisor to make sure you are on the right track.

Perhaps, you are a millennial that needs a plan to overcome their overwhelming student debt. Or, maybe you are approaching retirement and are worried whether you will have enough to retire and cover healthcare costs. Or are you the “Do it Yourself” type that has been investing in the stock market but is uncertain how much you should be investing now that your income has changed?

There are so many questions that we will all face as we transition though the changes in our lives. A Financial advisor can be there for you like a trusted friend, pointing you in the right direction.

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