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The 5 Best Buys I’ve Found at Aldi

Woman comparing brand items at a grocery store

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As a recent Aldi convert, I’m just getting to know what I like (and don’t like) about the store. So far, I’ve been surprised by the quality of produce and the number of options. I assumed that Aldi never offered name-brand products for some reason, but nothing could be further from the truth. A fair number of name brands are on display at our local Aldi store, but each is surrounded by brands I’ve never heard of.

So it helps that I’ve been reading about highly recommended Aldi products and which items other shoppers can’t do without. Here are the five best buys I’ve found thus far at Aldi — items I’ll continue to buy because they’re truly superior to the competition.

1. Moser Roth Chocolate Bar, 4.4 oz.

  • Aldi price: $2.19
  • Walmart price: $7.95

If you’re a chocolate lover, you may be as impressed with this German-made chocolate as I have been. The chocolate is rich but not sickly sweet, and manufactured using Fair Trade Certified South American cocoa.

Plus, there’s a Moser Roth chocolate bar for everyone. Our local Aldi offers 11 different flavors, ranging from dark orange and almond to toffee crunch. For purists like my husband, there’s extra creamy milk chocolate. The trick has been finding my favorite flavors in stock when the urge for chocolate strikes.

2. Friendly Farms Almond Milk, 64 fl oz.

  • Aldi price: $2.59
  • Walmart price: $4.38 (for Silk Dairy Free Almond Milk, 59 fl oz.)

Between morning smoothies and cereal, my husband and I consume a fair amount of almond milk. As someone who’s always been concerned about an unknown brand tasting “funny,” I was surprised to realize that I can’t tell the difference between Friendly Farms and Silk, the brand I’ve purchased for years. Better yet, it allows me to leave more money in our checking account each week.

3. Staples

Like most people, my tastes have evolved through the years, as have my cooking habits. However, I have always had three items in my refrigerator: One-half gallon of milk, butter, and half and half. Like the almond milk, I can’t tell the difference between the Aldi brand staples and the name brands I’m accustomed to buying.

Staple Aldi price Walmart price
One-half gallon 2% milk $1.69 $3.34
1 lb of salted butter sticks $3.95 $5.68
Half and half creamer, 32 fl oz $3.09 $2.97
Total $8.73 $12.09
Data sources: Aldi and Walmart.

4. Shelled Roasted Pistachios, 6 oz.

  • Aldi price: $4.39
  • Walmart price: $5.88

I remember thinking pistachios looked disgusting when I was a kid, although I can admit now how wrong I was. They’re actually delicious. Pistachios provide a subtle taste but a satisfying crunch. And when they’re roasted and salted, they’re pretty much one of the most delicious snacks on the planet.

The problem is that pistachios can be one expensive nut, which is why I was so thrilled to find them at Aldi. Whether you eat them from the bag or use them for baking, buying a bag doesn’t mean taking money out of savings.

5. Applewood Smoked Gruyere Cheese, 8 oz.

  • Aldi price: $4.29
  • Walmart price: $6.97 (for 6 oz.)

One thing I’d read about before shopping at Aldi was its amazing selection of cheeses, and I’ll admit, I’ll put cheese in just about anything, and Gruyere is one of my favorites. Our nearest full-fledged grocery store is Schnucks, and while I love some things about shopping there, it’s not where I go when I’m looking for low prices. In fact, an 8 oz. block of Gruyere at Schnucks is $7.89. I can’t justify paying $3.60 more for cheese when I can drive another block and save that money.

As someone who typically does not enjoy shopping, I find that I do enjoy snagging a bargain. Whether it’s accomplished by using a shopping app or pulling into Aldi, it feels like a win.

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