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Checking Out These Costco Deals Regularly Could Help You Save a Fortune

Couple has card out to pay in a restaurant.

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When you think of Costco, you probably think of deals on bulk groceries and household items, like paper towels and cereal. And, it is indeed true that Costco helps your personal finances by allowing you to save on these items.

But, there’s actually much more to the warehouse club than just giant tubs of mayonnaise or industrial-sized bags of dog food. In fact, checking out one specific type of deal that Costco offers could help you save on many more purchases than you might imagine.

Be sure to check out these Costco deals regularly

When it comes to Costco deals, one type of bargain on offer can really go a long way toward helping you to keep more money in your bank account. Specifically, Costco actually makes it possible to get deals on other products and services beyond what it sells in its warehouse clubs or on its website.

You can do this by buying discounted gift cards. These discounted cards provide a tremendous opportunity to save on both life’s necessities and on some splurges or fun purchases, as well. For example, Costco’s discounted cards as of early April 2024 include:

  • $79.99 for $100 worth of Domino’s Pizza gift cards
  • $39.99 for a Cinemark Theatres $50 gift card
  • $79.99 for $100 worth of Peet’s Coffee E-Gift Cards

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are 92 different gift cards available on the Costco website, many of which come at a significant savings compared with paying retail price.

Why you should take advantage of Costco’s gift card deals

Checking Costco’s gift card options to find bargains is something just about everyone should do on a regular basis. This includes non-members, who are allowed to buy most of the cards available at the reduced cost (although they will have to pay a 5% surcharge for not being a member).

If you find a gift card deal on any product or service you regularly buy, it can pay to purchase it at a reduced price. For example, if you often get pizza takeout for your family, there’s no reason not to save yourself $20 by getting the $100 Domino’s gift card deal. That’s an extra $20 you could invest or use to pay down debt, or even to pay for an extra pizza night without raiding your savings account.

You can also buy these reduced priced gift cards at presents for special occasions, bringing joy to others while spending less of your hard-earned cash.

Since Costco’s gift card deals change over time, it’s worth checking every week or so in order to see what is on offer. And you should make sure you are only buying gift cards you will definitely use, as Americans collectively have around $21 billion in unspent gift card funds.

If you know that you will absolutely be shopping at a store or other business that has a reduced-priced gift card available, though, you should pull the trigger, as there’s no real downside for your budget. You get to save on something you’d have bought anyway, and it’s all thanks to Costco’s gift card bargains.

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