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The 5 Biggest Perks of Uber One

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Rideshare and food delivery apps have become increasingly important in our world, and one of the best-known examples of these services in action is Uber. The company was founded in 2009, originally as a means to order a ride directly from a smartphone. Since then, Uber has grown by leaps and bounds and added food delivery service alongside rideshares in 2014. This led to a separate food delivery app, Uber Eats. But now Uber fans can find rideshares and delivery (both takeout and groceries) under the same umbrella again with Uber One.

Uber One launched near the end of 2021 and is currently priced at $9.99 per month (or $99.99 per year). The service features savings and special offers on both rides and delivery for members, which can definitely help you stick to your budget. Let's run down some of the biggest perks of becoming an Uber One subscriber.

1. No delivery fees

This is perhaps the best reason to join Uber One, if you order food or grocery deliveries frequently. If you opt to order from restaurants and stores that participate in Uber One (you'll see a gold Uber One logo under their names in the app), you won't be charged a delivery fee. This'll lower your credit card bill — although it's important to note that you'll still pay service fees and taxes on orders. The $0 delivery fee applies to eligible non-grocery orders of $15 or more, and eligible grocery orders of $35 or more.

2. Special pricing and discounts

Alongside those $0 delivery fees, an Uber One membership can give you the chance to save even more on eligible orders and rides with discounts and special prices. Uber One offers up to 10% off on non-grocery orders of $15 or more, and 5% off on eligible grocery orders of $35 or more. If you're using Uber One for rides, you'll get special member pricing.

3. Earn Uber Cash

Uber One subscribers can earn 6% back in Uber Cash on eligible rides. This perk replaces an earlier 5% discount on rides. Uber Cash can be used to pay for orders and rides, and this perk shows how those who use Uber frequently have the most to gain from an Uber One subscription. In addition to earning Uber Cash, you can also purchase it with your credit or debit card, or use Venmo or PayPal to add funds to your balance. Uber promotes Uber Cash as a way to help users budget and prepay for services.

4. Get paid Uber Cash if your order is late

Speaking of Uber Cash, this perk is another way to earn more of it. If you've ever ordered delivery through Uber, you've likely noticed that you receive an Estimated Time of Delivery and a Latest Arrival By. If you're an Uber One member and you receive an eligible order after the Latest Arrival estimate, you'll receive $5 in Uber Cash — which you can then use toward future orders and rides. This is the Uber One Promise.

5. Access to the best drivers (and upgraded customer service)

Using a rideshare app is very much a game of chance when it comes to being assigned a driver. The good news for Uber One subscribers is that they get priority ride service from top-rated drivers. And if something should go wrong with a ride (or a delivery order), Uber One members also get the best in customer service Uber has to offer.

Is it worth joining Uber One?

If you're an Uber loyalist and rarely turn to one of its competitors (such as DoorDash or Grubhub for food delivery, Instacart for grocery orders, or Lyft for rides), Uber One could be a good fit for you. Crunch your own numbers to see how often you rely on Uber's services and how much they're currently costing you without a subscription.

It's also worth looking for your favorite stores and restaurants on the app, because if they don't partner with Uber One, you may not save much money unless you're willing to change your dining and shopping preferences. But if you have one of the best Capital One credit cards, you might qualify for a complimentary Uber One membership. Check your card's benefits and if this is one of them, consider opting in to save on food delivery and rideshares.

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