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Here’s How You Can Snag a 1-Year Costco Membership for Just $20

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There’s a reason so many people love Costco. The warehouse club giant is famous for offering great deals on everything from groceries to apparel to household essentials. And when you go to Costco, you can also score big savings on gas for your car.

Right now, a basic Costco membership costs $60 a year. And one thing you should know about Costco is that the company rarely offers discounted memberships. The logic is that the warehouse club giant isn’t hurting for members, so it doesn’t feel compelled to offer much in the way of promotions to get people to join. Plus, Costco uses the fees it collects from members to offset its costs and offer great prices.

But occasionally, you might come across a deal that allows you to save money on a Costco membership. And right now, there’s a fantastic promotion you can snag that will effectively allow you to join Costco for a year for only $20.

A deal worth capitalizing on

It may be that you’ve been thinking about joining Costco but aren’t sure if you’ll shop there often enough — or save enough — to make the $60 membership fee worth it. Well, joining Costco just became a bit less of a personal finance risk.

That’s because right now, if you sign up for a membership through PC World Shop, you can snag a $40 Costco Shop Card (the store’s equivalent of a gift card) with the purchase of a basic membership. So that effectively means your membership will cost only $20 for your first year.

This allows you to see how often you end up using that membership, and how much savings it gives you, at a much lower price. From there, you can decide if it’s something worth keeping for the long haul.

Act quickly for this great offer

There are a few important details you should know about this fantastic offer. First, it’s only available to new Costco members, not current ones — sorry. It’s okay if you’re a former Costco member, but your membership needs to have been expired for more than 18 months for you to qualify.

You can also buy up to two memberships using this deal, so if you’d like to gift one to someone special for the holidays, that works. However, your membership must be redeemed by Jan. 27, 2024 to qualify for this promotion. Once you redeem your membership, you can expect to receive a Costco Shop Card by email within two weeks.

A good time to join

People who shop at Costco on a regular basis will often say that their membership fees are well worth paying. But it still makes sense to spend less on a membership if that option exists.

That said, one thing you should know is that Costco is committed to customer satisfaction. So even if you buy a regular-priced membership without a promotion and you find that you’re not getting good use out of it, you can cancel and receive a prorated refund to your credit card at any time.

However, if you’re eligible for this promotion, then you might as well get $40 in spending cash at Costco in conjunction with your new membership. All that does is make an already low-risk purchase even less risky.

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