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5 Dollar Tree Items You Need for Your Next Vacation

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If you are heading off on a great vacation this summer, a stop at Dollar Tree before you go could be a good idea. The discount retailer has affordable items that will help you get ready for your next trip without running up a big credit card bill. Each of these travel helpers costs just $1.25!

Check out these great items that will make packing and traveling easier while allowing you to keep more money in your bank account.

1. Clear plastic travel bottles

If you will be flying to your destination, Dollar Tree can help you take all of your favorite beauty products with you — without buying expensive travel-size versions of them to keep the TSA happy. For just $1.25, you can get a 3-piece set of clear plastic travel bottles perfect for things like conditioner, lotions, and body wash.

Since it's cheap and easy to bring your own products with you using these Dollar Tree items, you can say goodbye to that weird hotel shampoo for good.

2. Travel soap cases

In keeping with the beauty theme, the Dollar Tree also offers a travel soap case. Bar soap can be less expensive than body wash and some people prefer it but traveling with it is always tricky.

You get stuck choosing between leaving half an unused bar of soap in the hotel shower or carting home a half-used, wet soap bar. With the Dollar Tree's travel soap cases, you can more easily bring your remaining soap home without getting the rest of your luggage damp.

3. Earbuds travel case

Traveling with your earbuds allows you to drown out that crying baby on the plane or avoid getting into an awkward conversation with a seatmate on a long flight. But, you don't want to lose or break your expensive wireless headphones.

The Dollar Tree offers a perfect earbuds case so you can take your wired earphones anywhere and not have to worry about losing them on your trip. It even comes in different patterns so you can match your luggage if you're into that kind of accessorizing.

4. Portable sewing kit

Wardrobe mishaps seem to happen to me often while traveling, with buttons coming loose or something my kids are wearing getting torn as they are going through the airport. Fortunately, a portable travel sewing kit can come in handy and really save me in these types of situations.

If you find yourself having to make wardrobe fixes on the go, Dollar Tree's portable sewing kit has everything you need including tiny scissors, multiple needles, and a variety of different colors of thread. You can fix any issues at your destination so you'll still look great after traveling does a number on your outfit.

5. A mirror/hair brush compact

Falling asleep on a plane can be a great way to pass the time, but it can leave your hair a mess. If you want to make sure you're looking your best upon arrival, a plastic mirror/hairbrush combo from the Dollar Tree is a great addition to your travel gear.

This mirror/hairbrush is compact and easy to put into a purse or even a pocket, so it can also come in handy to take with you while you're enjoying vacation activities that might leave you looking a little windblown (like a whale-watching cruise).

These five items are inexpensive, but can really make a big difference in how prepared you are on your next trip. Check them out today before you head off on your summer adventures.

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