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5 Bulk Items Your Dad Might Love to Get From Costco

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Father’s Day will be here before we know it. If you love your dad but tend to struggle to come up with great gift ideas, get ready to break that cycle. Rather than focus on the perfect gift, you might instead want to focus on a practical gift — in bulk. Here are some bulk Costco items your dad might end up thrilled with this June.

1. Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

For some dads, there’s nothing more fun than a day at the golf course. If you’re looking for a great gift, consider a set of two dozen Kirkland golf balls. Costco is offering these online for $34.99 with shipping and handling included, though it’s worth noting that Costco prices can vary based on geographic location. Prices can also vary between online and in-store purchases, so if this is an item you’re interested in, it could pay to visit your local warehouse club and see if it’s less expensive there.

2. Scotts EZ Seed Patch & Repair Tall Fescue Lawn Patch

Some dads really take pride in their lawns, but maintaining one can get expensive. This Father’s Day, consider giving your dad the gift of a more vibrant lawn — or rather, the tools needed to make that happen. Costco is selling a 25-pound bag of Scotts EZ Seed Patch & Repair Tall Fescue Lawn Patch for $58.99, including shipping. It’s a great product for evening out lawns and filling in bare spots that may look unsightly.

3. Pacific Gold Original Beef Jerky

Due to its high protein content, beef jerky is a great snack for active people on the go. If your dad is a jerky fan, you may want to incorporate a bulk pack from Costco into his Father’s Day gift. You can scoop up a 12-count of 1.25-ounce bags of Pacific Gold Original Beef Jerky for $21.99.

4. Gillette Sensor 2 Plus Disposable Razors

This may not be the most exciting gift you’ll give your dad this Father’s Day. But if you’re looking for something useful, this 52-pack of Gillette Sensor 2 Plus Disposable Razors might fit the bill. At a price point of $39.99, you’re paying just $0.77 per razor. Pair this pack with a nice bottle of aftershave, and your dad might walk away thrilled.

5. Steel Vision 85-piece Impact Torsion Bit Set

If your dad loves his tools and enjoys getting his hands dirty, then you may want to consider this 85-pack of torsion bits. It not only includes a variety of screwdriver bit sizes, but comes in a handy case. Of course, to really make your Dad’s day, you may want to invent a project you need his help with so he can put these bad boys to work.

Shopping at Costco commonly means racking up a lower credit card tab in the course of your purchases. All of the bulk items above are deals worth jumping on while you can. In fact, you may even want to pick up one or two of these items for yourself so you can save money on your own snacking, grooming, lawn care, and entertainment.

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