2 Under-the-Radar Dividend Plays That Treat Shareholders Well

In this segment of “Financial Planning Q&A” on Motley Fool Live, recorded on Dec. 1, Fool contributor Dan Caplinger shares his favorite dividend ETFs.

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Dan Caplinger: Stu asks, “Hey Dan, what’s your favorite dividend stock? I know Bro loves the ETFs, but I’d love to hear an individual stock as your favorite dividend payer.”

Boston Stu, I’m going to do you a favor because I’ll tell you, my first inclination to answer this question and I love the dividend ETFs as well. I’ve got Vanguard ETFs that does dividends, I’ve got iShares dividend ETF. The ETFs are great in doing that.

They are also great for Fools who are subject to the trading rules internally because every time I talk about a stock, I can’t do anything about it and it’s hard enough to trade individual stocks anyway.

But I will say that I do own and they are favorites in terms of making dividend distributions. They are the Brookfield entities, it’s things like Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (NYSE: BIP) which is ticker BIP, Brookfield Renewable Partners (NYSE: BEP) which I think is BEP.

You can usually choose from either a partnership entity or a corporate entity. There’s different tickers for all of that. But they make investments, they choose the investments, they pay attention to the cash flows that are coming from those investments, and they often have pretty decent yields that result from them.

I’m not huge into paying attention to dividends right now because I’m still in appreciation mode. I am not living off the income from my investments, don’t have any plans to do so in the immediate future. But yeah, those Brookfield entities, I think, are good places to look for folks. Well-managed companies and they treat their shareholders well.

Dan Caplinger owns Brookfield Infrastructure Partners and Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. The Motley Fool recommends Brookfield Infra Partners LP Units and Brookfield Infrastructure Partners. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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