HBCU Wall Street and The Motley Fool Team Up On Podcast Series Showcasing Diverse Investors

For so many, financial literacy is a skill that is self-taught and developed through trial and error. Few people learn the budgeting, saving, and investing habits in school that are needed to build long-term wealth. In some families, the subject is taboo entirely. But there are resources available to college students with a hunger to set out on the right financial path.

The Motley Fool is partnering with HBCU Wall Street on a four-podcast series that will showcase discussions with alumni from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) about their financial and investing journeys. HBCU Wall Street is committed to preparing students to manage their finances and get invested early in the stock market. And at The Motley Fool, we love to hear the stories of what sparked someone’s passion for investing.

Desiree Jones, a Fool.com editor/analyst, sat down with HBCU Wall Street to discuss her experiences as a student at Hampton University in Virginia and what financial access means for her. This is the first of several conversations with investors from diverse backgrounds that will shed light on the important work being done by both HBCU Wall Street and The Motley Fool.

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