Update: $29 Million in New Empire Pandemic Fund, Partially Funded by Fools

One year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic hit all of our communities. We asked, and our Foolish community answered the call by providing additional donations to Health Research Incorporated for what was then the epicenter of the U.S outbreak, New York, and/or taking action in their local community. The responses we received were nothing short of inspiring! Together, we supported the economic needs of essential workers, first responders, and our neighbors amid the crisis. You demonstrated your collective strength and the remarkable impact we can make when we join together as a force for good. Thank you!

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Our collective donation to HRI supports The Empire Pandemic Response Reimbursement Fund. The $29 million fund provides up to $1,000 in relief funding per household to help essential workers, first responders, and their families achieve financial stability by reimbursing out-of-pocket child/dependent care, transportation, lodging, and other qualifying expenses incurred while employed in the state of New York. The fund is open to all New York residents who qualify. If you are in need, or know of someone who needs relief, please visit here.

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As we enter year two of the COVID-19 pandemic, financial freedom has never been more important and more in jeopardy for many than right now. We’re committed to making the pathway to financial freedom more accessible for all through The Motley Fool Foundation, set to launch in late 2021. Sign up to learn more about The Motley Fool Foundation and Foolish opportunities to do good, together.

Thank you for continuing to be a force for good.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and Fool on!

David Gardner
Co-Founder, The Motley Fool
Chairman, The Motley Fool Foundation

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