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Did You Buy Something at Sam’s Club Before It Went on Sale? You Could Get Some Money Back

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Buying items at Sam’s Club can be a great way to keep more money in your bank account. The warehouse club offers special prices for members on bulk items as well as Member’s Mark products that are often priced below name-brand alternatives.

Sometimes, though, you’ll charge something on your credit card at Sam’s Club only to find that the item goes on sale shortly after. It can be disappointing to discover that you overpaid and could have gotten a better price had you just waited a bit to buy.

The good news is you may be able to get some money back in this situation. Here’s how.

You could be eligible for a refund if an item purchased from Sam’s Club goes on sale

The official Sam’s Club policy as stated on its website indicates that the warehouse club is “committed to providing the absolute lowest prices.” As a result, individual warehouse clubs can price match another club’s pricing.

However, the site also indicates that you will not be able to get a price match on clearance or marked-down items, nor can you price match competitors or get a matched price on items with regional variations in price.

While this price match policy doesn’t seem very generous, the reality of when Sam’s Club may match prices could tell a different story. In an online chat with a customer service representative, the agent indicated that they could “definitely” provide a price adjustment if you bought an item that went on sale.

The online representative indicated that Sam’s Club would offer a price adjustment for both online orders and purchases made in local warehouse stores. Further, the rep said that you could get a refund as long as you requested one within 90 days from the time of your purchase. You just need to provide proof of the sale price, which could include a photo or screenshot.

Be sure to ask for money back if you notice an item has been marked down

This is great news for Sam’s Club shoppers who may find themselves regretting the fact that they bought something at full price, only to discover the item went on sale shortly after. It also shows that it never hurts to ask Sam’s Club, or any store, if it can provide you with a price match after a purchase has been made. The worst that happens is the store says no and the best case scenario is that you get to keep a little more of your hard-earned cash.

To take advantage of this policy, keep tabs on the prices of larger items that you buy from Sam’s Club (such as electronics or furniture). You can make a note to visit the website and check for bargains in the weeks after your purchase. For smaller items, it’s also worth taking a glance when you’re shopping in-store or when you are browsing the web to see if the price has been reduced.

If you spot a sale, take a screenshot or picture and then contact customer service to get some of your money back in your pocket, where you can use it for other goals.

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