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Costco Has Introduced Yet Another New Bakery Treat, and Fans Are Swooning

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First it was an epic chocolate and peanut butter pie. Then it was a lemon meringue cheesecake that some tasters described as “four pounds of heaven.” Now, Costco is taking its bakery game to the next level with a new churro bundt cake. And if this delicious offering makes an appearance at your local warehouse club store, you may want to scoop it up.

Yet another fabulous treat

Costco isn’t a stranger to churros — its food courts serve up fresh ones every day. But if you’re looking for a churro-like dessert to feed a crowd, you may want to be on the lookout for the latest bakery concoction, a churro bundt cake with a dulce de leche drizzle and powdered sugar.

Made by Bakery Street, a California-based dessert maker, Costco’s latest offering is said to weigh 40 ounces and retail for $10.79. So you’re paying about $0.27 per ounce of cake.

By contrast, David’s Cookies sells a 68-ounce carrot cake for $54.95. That’s about $0.81 per ounce.

Granted, these two cakes are different in nature. The point, however, is that on a per-ounce basis, Costco’s price is very reasonable.

Should you scoop up Costco’s latest dessert offering?

You may not find Costco’s new churro bundt cake at your local warehouse club store just yet. But it could make an appearance at some point. And when that happens, you may be tempted to put one of those beauties into your shopping cart.

Given its lower price point, it’s easy to make the argument that Costco’s churro bundt cake is a great deal. But that’s only if the cake doesn’t end up going to waste.

Unless you have an occasion you need a cake for, you may end up throwing a large portion of it away if you buy it for yourself, or yourself and a partner alone. After all, fresh cake tends to have a limited shelf life. And while many cakes can be frozen without issue, it’s hard to know whether this one falls into that category.

That said, if a comparable cake at your local bakery or grocery store will cost $15 for a dessert that’s one-third the size of Costco’s offering, then you may just decide to spend your $10.79 and see what happens. If you end up throwing a portion of it away, you may not end up wasting money (though there’s the concept of food waste to be mindful of). Plus, if you find yourself with too much cake on your hands, you could always be neighborly and offer a slice to the people who live in the apartment or house next door.

The great thing about shopping at Costco is getting to save money on a host of items, dessert included. Costco’s latest offering certainly sounds delicious, and it could be a great item to bring to a party or to feature at a gathering you’re hosting. But if you don’t feel that you’ll be able to finish it before it goes bad, then you may want to avoid the extra credit card charge.

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